Healing Magnets: Science and research behind the use of medical magnets for pain relief and improved health.

What are Healing Magnets?

Magnetic Pain ReliefHealing magnets - which are also known as biomagnetic therapy, magnetic therapy, and medical magnets - are generally classified as a type of alternative health therapy. Healing magnets are commonly used for relieving or reducing pain, for depression, as well as to improve overall health. The traditional, western, medical establishment has been somewhat reluctant to acknowledge the use of medical magnets for their health promoting properties. However, the use of healing magnets for health purposes has started to gain increased acceptance and credibility among a growing number of physicians and other health professionals, as more reports are made of patients being successfully treated with biomagnetic therapy.

Medical magnets have been used to treat a wide range of medical disorders, and there are a variety of magnetic therapy products and devices designed to heal and alleviate pain for virtually every part of the body. These products include jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc.), wraps, braces, and even magnetic mattress pads. Visit the section of the website on magnet therapy products for more information on biomagnetic products and how to use them.

How Does Healing With Magnets Work?

Magnetic Therapy ProductsThere are a number of plausible theories regarding the process of how the interaction of magnetic fields with the human body can heal and provide pain relief. A primary basis of these theories relates to the fact that the earth's powerful magnetic field has a noticeable impact on living things, and that life itself depends on this magnetic field. Also, exposure to magnetism is thought to have beneficial effects on the circulatory, nervous, and endocrine systems by increasing the electrical conductivity of blood, resulting in better ciruclation, and more efficient transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Visit the section of the website on magnetic pain relief for more details on the process of healing with magnets.

How Long Have Health Magnets Been Used?

The use of magnets for their healing and regnerative properties has been recorded and documented around the globe, for thousands of years. Many of the great ancient civilizations recognized the healing properites of magnets. One of the earliest written medical texts, the Yellow Emperors Book of Internal Medicine, a Chinese medical record which dates back to around 2000 BC, describes how the application of magnetic stones to the body was used to correct imbalances in the "Qi" or lifeforce. Other writings originating from ancient Egypt document that Egyptian physicians attributed various therapeutic and health benefits to magnetism. A fairly well known story even relates how Cleopatra regularly adorned herself with magnetic jewelry, or wore a magnetic stone around her forehead, in order to preserve her beauty and youth.

In more recent times, various studies and experiments have been performed which suggest the healing and pain relief properties of therapy magnets. Visit the section of the website on bio-magnetic research and studies for more information on the scientific research being performed regarding healing with magnets.

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